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Ivana Peralta

Professor of Chemistry

Ivana Peralta






Vincennes Campus


I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Indiana State University in 2004, and then I went to the wonderful state of Texas to obtain a Master of Art in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Rice University in  2010 where I focused in biomedical synthetic research.


I am the sole instructor of Organic Chemistry I and II, Biochemistry and GOB; so most of my hours teaching are spent with sophomore students majoring in hard sciences, engineering and pre-professional careers. I also teach  Introductory Chemistry and General Chemistry I Lab.


I proudly advise our student majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pre-Clinical Laboratory, and Biomedical Engineering majors.  

Service to the University: 

I am currently representing Science, Engineering and Math as a VU Faculty Senator, and I am the chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee. I served as the Chemistry Department chair for five years; and, as such, I reviewed the Chemistry TSAP and CTL  agreements. I also organize the Lab Coat Graduation Ceremonies for our Chemical Sciences students. 

Chemistry Community Service: 

I am the American Chemical Society (ACS) Wabash Valley Section Chair, and, for this same section, the National Chemistry Week Coordinator and the Chemists Celebrate Earth Week Coordinator.  I have organized the ACS Program-in-a-Box, NCW activities, speaker series and tours. I also maintain our local section ACS website.

I'm a student too! :

Here at VU, I have taken four semesters of Japanese, Basic Conversational Chinese and Scientific and Decorative Glassblowing. 

I have traveled to Japan twice with the VU Explore Japan cultural experience, twice to China as visiting faculty and three times to US National Parks with the VU Biology club.

When I'm Not Teaching

When I am not thinking about molecules:

 I am always planning my next adventure! For that, I love to learn new languages, visit museums and savor exotic dishes. When I want to relax, I work on puzzles or go antiquing.