Jennifer Nettles


Jennifer Nettles


Department of Geoscience, Agriculture, and Horticulture




Vincennes Campus

Jennifer Nettles began working at VU in 2015.  She was promoted to full-time in the Fall of 2017.   Jennifer is an Alumni of Vincennes University, where she earned her Associate’s in 2004.  Her Bachelor’s is from Purdue University in Landscape Horticulture and Design, which she completed in 2007.  Jennifer’s Master of Science degree is in Crop Science from the University of Illinois.   Here at VU, Jennifer teaches Fundamentals of Horticulture, Landscape Design/Landscape Maintenance, Fundamentals of Turfgrass, Plant Propagation, Greenhouse Management,  Hydroponics and Integrated Pest Management.

When I'm Not Teaching

In conjunction with her teaching duties, Jennifer advises students interested in the Horticulture Technology major.  She also heads up the VU Horticulture Club.