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P. Bernie Schmitt

Assistant Professor

P. Bernie Schmitt


English Department




Vincennes Campus

  • M.A. in Liberal Studies (English focus), from University of Southern Indiana
  • B.S. degree from USI
  • A.S. degree in journalism from VU (Studied photojournalism at IU, Bloomington, before leaving for the wild west in Wyoming) 

I've been teaching public speaking, communication courses, journalism (at USI), and English since 2008. For 28 years before that I as a newspaper editor, writer, and photographer. Former editor of Indiana's oldest newspaper in Vincennes, and a former president of the Indiana News Photographers Association and board member of the Hoosier State Press Association. When I'm not at VU, I write stories and take pictures for BOOMER Magazine. In my spare time I spend time reading and enhancing my home library. My favorite color is . . .